Frequently Asked Questions

How does i-Launched protect my privacy?

i-Launched takes user privacy very seriously.  i-Launched takes all precautions to ensure user privacy.  We will not sell or share your information with 3rd parties ever without your explicit permission.

Why do I have to pay to submit my idea?

To maintain the highest quality of information we are sharing with our partners and to provide the highest level of service to you, a subscription fee is required.

What if my idea is selected after I’m no longer a subscriber?

i-Launched recommends that you remain a subscriber. However, your contact information is accessible via your profile which remains in the database should your subscription expire. You will need to be an active member to update your contact information should for example your email or phone number change.

What if a company never contacts me?

i-Launched is a platform which seeks to connect Innovators to a Company.  We cannot guarantee that all ideas will be reviewed and developed.  We can guarantee that we are working very hard to market and promote ideas on the platform.

What rights do I have to my idea after a company selects it?

Your rights to your idea are per the terms and conditions that you agree to with the Company who selects your idea.  i-Launched is not involved in the legal terms and conditions of your relationship with the Company who purchases and develops your idea.

Do you have access to my idea?

As the owner and administrator of i-Launched, we have access to all of the i-Launched website, which is required to seamlessly maintain its operations and administration. We also monitor the site on an on-going basis to ensure ethical standards and guidelines are adhered to.

How long does it typically take to get my idea reviewed?

There is no known timeframe for ideas to be reviewed.

How much money do companies typically pay for ideas?

The payment is determined per the terms and conditions that you agree to with the Company.

How many ideas can I submit?

You may submit as many ideas as you like based on the subscription fee guidelines.